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Today’s article focuses on one very important feature of TimeSimplicity: the Virtual Trade Board.

Filling holes in the schedule becomes much easier with the TimeSimplicity Virtual Trade Board. Instead of waiting for supervisors to circulate requests on their behalf, employees simply enter requests on the Virtual Trade Board. Managers can swiftly view, monitor and approve shift request changes online. Once a shift trade is approved, TimeSimplicity automatically notifies the appropriate employees.

The Virtual Trade Board offers solutions to scheduling issues common to most industries:

Improved Schedule Oversight
Managers can monitor and approve shift changes all in one place. The Virtual Trade Board shows the big picture: all shift change requests from every staff member.

Saves Time for Managers
Managers don’t have to contact individual employees about schedule changes. The Virtual Trade Board shows which employees have requested a shift change or additional shifts. Once a manager has approved a schedule change, TimeSimplicity alerts the employee, eliminating the need for the manager to reach out to the staff member. No more phone calls, texts, or emails required to communicate with employees about schedule changes.

Saves Time for Employees
Employees don’t have to track down a manager or leave a message on his/her voice mail to request a shift change or pick up an open shift. It only takes a few seconds to post a request on the user-friendly Virtual Trade Board.

TimeSimplicity is an easy, competitively-priced advanced scheduling solution that integrates with our TimeWorksPlus time and attendance solution. The TimeSimplicity Virtual Trade Board is the proactive way to handle schedule changes and empower associates. For specifics on how the Virtual Trade Board can solve your organization’s individual scheduling issues, call today for a demo.

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