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Advantage Payroll Services helps assisted living facility eliminate scheduling conflicts, cover gaps, and increase quality while raising employee morale.

Contact Advantage Payroll Services for information regarding Workforce Management Suite Suncrest Assisted Living management was worrying about maintaining quality resident care because they had to cope with a frequent cascade of scheduling changes. Every schedule change resulted in a stream of unproductive emails, texts, and phone calls that wasted time, confused staff members, and hampered productivity for days at a time.

Frustrated Employees

Suncrest Assisted Living has a workforce of 23 including on-site nurses and caretakers, aides, administrative staff, and housekeeping workers. A small on-site staff means schedules aren’t very flexible and have little room to absorb change, which takes place frequently.

Unplanned schedule changes generated a time-consuming process of sending emails and texts to all qualified employees to find a replacement. Managers were often required to coordinate fractional shift changes to adjust to overlapping availabilities. The result was a domino effect that caused unforeseen consequences including costly overtime and coverage gaps. The extra burden, added confusion, and personal disruption was taking a toll.

SwipeClock Workforce Management Offers Relief

healthcare employee scheduling system New YorkSearching for a solution, Suncrest turned to Workforce Management Suite. Workforce Management Suite provides simplified scheduling with TimeSimplicity in a powerful suite of integrated cloud-based tools that include time and attendance tracking (TimeWorksPlus), with mobile capability for 24/7 anywhere access.

SOLUTION — Workforce Management Suite

• TimeSimplicity for simplified assisted living staff scheduling and mobile coordination.
• TimeWorksPlus for integrated time and attendance tracking.
• Mobile access provides employee access and management control.

Suncrest needed a simple solution that managers and other associates could use without the need for a lot of additional training. TimeSimplicity furnished exactly that, with the additional power of drag-and-drop scheduling, effortless schedule change management, and associate self-help tools that enable staff members to solve scheduling dilemmas with ease.

With Workforce Management Suite, Suncrest was able to set up their scheduling in about fifteen minutes by logging each employee name, job code, and availability. Once that was done, creating staff member schedules became a straightforward matter of drag-and-drop. Scheduling conflicts, unplanned overtime, and adequate shift coverage are no longer an issue with built-in alerts that warn managers before a problem occurs.

When it comes to finding help due to schedule changes, the Suncrest team no longer goes into panic mode; associates can enter their availability to pick up hours, and switching shifts between associates is as easy as trading cards. Managers only need to authorize swaps for stress-free schedule changes.

One of the most appreciated features for Suncrest is the ability to empower staff members with mobile access. With the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal, employees are able to view their schedule, request time off, monitor accruals, and review their time cards. They no longer need to call a supervisor for basic information and time card accuracy has improved significantly. This is a perfect solution for a community of employees working all hours of the day and a real timesaver for supervisors.

PBJ Made Easy

All long-term care facilities are now subject to the Payroll Based Journaling (PBJ) standards. Employers are required to track daily employee shift hours by job description and site as well as staff tenure and turnover. Suncrest uses the built-in Payroll Based Journaling (PBJ) tools in Workforce Management Suite to efficiently track the data and prepare accurate reports. Suncrest supervisors are sleeping better at night knowing that PBJ compliance is automated with Advantage Payroll Services Workforce Management Suite.

Cost Savings, Improved Performance, and Improved Morale

Managers using Workforce Management Suite for scheduling will tell you that the savings in time alone makes the upgrade worth it. Moreover, Suncrest Assisted Living will go one further and tell you that employee empowerment and the end of panicked scheduling emergencies have gone a long way toward increasing employee morale. Happy employees results in better care for residents, expanded productivity, and a healthier bottom line.

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Advantage Payroll Services offers Workforce Management Suite, the powerful, fully-integrated Workforce Management Suite that makes it easy to optimize the performance of your managers, employees, and company.

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