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Today’s example company is owned by a woman who starting making soap as a creative outlet. She started selling her handcrafted, all-natural soaps only because acquaintances asked if they could purchase them. She wasn’t planning to launch a business. She had no business plan and no investors—just a small shop behind her house and a passion for natural ingredients like oatmeal, shea butter, coconut oil, goat milk, and lavender.

An Accidental Entrepreneur

She didn’t even have a website for the first three years. Her customers loved her soaps, told their friends about them, and her business grew steadily on word-of-mouth marketing alone. When sales grew to the point where she couldn’t manage the production herself, she hired a couple employees. One of them offered to create a simple website which began attracting customers from around the world. They hit the online market when people were really starting to care about the ingredients that touched their skin. All-natural, chemical-free products were suddenly the hot commodity in the personal care industry.

Last year, the organization had grown to 25 employees and had moved to a 20,000 square foot facility. The owner had become a sharp businesswoman, manager, and marketer. Her product line had expanded to cosmetics and face creams. She had learned to use several apps to stay organized and efficient in her business and personal life.

Workforce Management Was a Time-Consuming Burden

The HR tasks, however, were eating too much of her time. Creating employee schedules that everyone could live with, correcting sloppy timesheets, tracking accruals, and staying compliant with labor laws occupied far too many hours of her busy workweek.

Because she had become expert at using inventory management and CRM systems, she started searching for a Workforce Management solution tailored to manufacturers that would solve her HR frustration in a similar fashion.

Solution — Workforce Management Suite

After an afternoon of online research, she scheduled a demo of Workforce Management Suite. Workforce Management Suite offers simplified scheduling with TimeSimplicity, and a dynamic suite of integrated cloud-based tools that include time and attendance tracking (TimeWorksPlus), with mobile capability.

No Steep Learning Curve for Implementation

When she saw how effortless it was to use, she knew she could learn it promptly and was happy to get it up and running. Simple HR process automation would have made a sea change in her organization, but Workforce Management Suite goes beyond basic automation. Customizable settings created precisely for medium-sized manufacturing centers allowed her to tweak the system with precision to receive the maximum value.

Workforce Management Suite includes TimeSimplicity which offers automated scheduling and TimeWorksPlus for integrated time and attendance tracking.

  • Biometric clock tracks employee time to the minute, eliminates overpayment for labor, creates error-free time cards, and keeps associates honest
  • Establish schedules with drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Customizable job codes make sure the right employees are scheduled at the right times
  • System automation finds eligible associates to cover open shifts
  • Customized system warnings reduce over-staffing and unplanned overtime
  • Complete mobile coordination for personnel and management
  • Employee Self Service enables staff to manage their time cards, post shift requests, and monitor PTO accruals
  • Creates and maintains audit-ready records
  • Integrates seamlessly with payroll processing platforms

Less Confusion, Happier Employees

When it comes to filling unexpected coverage gaps due to schedule changes, the team no longer goes into panic mode; staff members can enter their availability to pick up hours, and switching shifts between employees is as simple as trading cards. The owner and manager only need to confirm swaps for stress-free schedule revisions.

Workforce Management Suite easily handles the complicated scheduling logistics of manufacturing facilities that run 24/7. We would love to show you what it can do for your company. Call (800) 440-9033 to schedule a demo today.

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